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“Dreams Of Love” Bisque Porcelain Figurine
A beloved scene from Disney's Sleeping Beauty is brought to life in three-dimensional form; Briar Rose daydreams of the love that awaits her while dipping her dainty toes in a gentle stream. This enchanting figurine draws you into the fairy tale, allowing your own imagination to drift to princes, castles, and dangerous curses.
  • Meticulously sculpted in bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted
  • Approximately 5.5 inches high 
  • Non-Musical
  • © Disney
Item #142709PM

Jim shore Logo

Aurora Personality Pose
Now that true love's kiss has awakened her, waltz along with Sleeping Beauty once upon a dream! In this Princess Personality Pose by Jim Shore, the royal darling's graceful demeanor is beautifully portrayed as she poses elegantly in her classic pink gown
  • Introduction: June 2018
  • "Be True" from the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore collection
  • 3.5" H x 4.5" L x 2.8" W
  • Material: Stone Resin
Item #6001278E


Three Fairies
This beautifully detailed figurine captures the happiness of Aurora’s three fairy guardians wearing their signature colors in gowns reimagined with gorgeous rosemaling detail as Aurora has her happily ever after with her handsome prince thanks to them.

Introduction: June 2017
"Three Fairies” from the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore line
Size is: 4.5" H x 5.25" L x 2.5" W
Material: Stone Resin

Item #4059734E


Princess Aurora with Fairy Figurine 

Jim Shore's Fun with Friends collection showcases the special love between a princess and her magical sidekick. Aurora receives counsel from wise Merryweather in this charming addition from the classic “Sleeping Beauty,” handcrafted in intricate detail.

"Wonder and Wisdom"
Size is: 3.5 x 3.5 x 7.1 inches
Material: Stone Resin

Item #4054275E


Sleeping Beauty
"The Spell Is Broken"

“From this slumber you shall wake when true love’s kiss the spell shall break.” Philip leans in to bestow true love’s kiss upon Aurora’s lips in this stone resin figurine. Vivid colors and rich details enhance the opulent feel of the royal awakening.

Introduction: September 2016
Size is: 6.46 in H x 5.28 in W x 10.24 in L
Material: Stone Resin
Item #4056753E

Disney Jim Shore Sleeping Beauty Story Book
Click on Image to Enlarge
Sleeping Beauty Book Figurine Back Side
Click on Image to Enlarge
Sleeping Beauty Story Book

Waiting to be wakend by True Loves Kiss is depicted in this three dimensional book. Sleeping Beauty lay sleeping in her bed as Prince Phillip leans over to give her the magical kiss. Sleeping Beauty title treatment is inscribed in gold on the back side of the front cover.

Name: Sleeping Beauty
Title: “Enchanted Kiss”
Introduction: April 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 6in H x 4.25in W x 6.75in L
Retired Don't Wait To Order !!

Item #4043627E

Couture De Force

Couture de Force Maleficent ll
Maleficent strikes a regal pose in this handcrafted design from the Couture de Force collection, her ominous onyx robes reimagined as a satin gown and feathered, floor-length cape. Ready to rule the runway, the fashionable figure holds a golden scepter. Accurate details handcrafted in high-quality stone resin
  • Introduction: January 2018
  • “Maleficent” figurine from the Disney Showcase collection
  • Material: Stone Resin
  • Size is: 8.74 in H x 4.53 in W x 5.91 in L
  • UPC Code 045544960687
Item #6000816E

Princess Aurora - Couture de force
Aurora finally gets to dance with her prince – in an elevated version of her classic gown. Detailed with an incised rose pattern, this handcrafted design is hand-painted to look as though it’s in the midst of changing from pink to blue and back again.
  • Introduction: January 2017
  • “Aurora Figurine” from the Disney Showcase collection
  • Size is: 8.35 in H x 4.13 in W x 5.12 in L
  • Material: Stone Resin
Item #4058290E


Sleeping Beauty hinged box
Click on Image to Enlarge
Mini Sleeping Beauty Jeweled Box
Sleeping Beauty looks quite bright-eyed in this sculpted keepsake box.
She holds in her hand a single rose - that matches her elegant gown -
and in her heart the hope for true love.
Crafted of metal accented with crystal-like gems Magnetic clasp

Includes gift box
Height: 2 3/4"
Introduced 2008
Imported © Disney
Retired Don't Wait To Order !!
Item # 786619A-D56

Disney Classics

Prince Phillip and Briar Rose "Chance Encounter"

Briar Rose's Left and Right Leg: Pewter.
Prince Phillip's Sword: Pewter.
Sword Handle: Painted with gold paint.
Artist: Margi Wray

Size: 9-3/8"
Retired: 07/10
Retired Don't Wait To Order !!

Item #4006683DC


Princess Aurora "The Gift Of Beauty"
  • Second release in the Holiday Princess Series.
  • The colors for Aurora's gown were inspired by a 1957 Golden Book of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Gown: Opalescent Paint.
  • Crown: Metallic Paint.
  • Artist: Kent Melton
  • Size: 8-1/2"
  • Retired 12/06
  • Click Here For Additional Images
    Retired Don't Wait To Order !!
Item #1230084DC


Prince Phillip "Valiant"
  • Third release in the Heroes & Heroines Series.
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000.
  • Sword: Pewter blade.
    Artist: Dusty Horner
  • Size: 9-1/4"

    Retired Don't Wait To Order !!
Item #4001756DC

Lenox Logo

Prince Phillip
Crafted in traditional Lenox quality with fine porcelain
and accented with 24Karat gold paint.
8.5" High

Don't Wait To Order !!
Item #6131130L


Royal Doulton Logo

The World Famous Royal Doulton has done Disney! These items were a "One Year Only" production and are no longer being made. Our quantities are getting low on these irreplaceable items, so do not hesitate to order, you may not get another chance.


Sleeping Beauty
Princess Aurora stands regally in her pink gown holding a single rose.

Hand Made of High quality porcelain.
Size: 4 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D x 7" Height

Limited to a one year production 2005
Retired.... Do Not Wait To Order!!
Item #18546RD


Sleeping Beauty " Woodland Waltz"
Aurora Dances with her woodland friends in this classic scene.
Beautifully hand painted in vibrant colors and made of fine porcelain.
Produced by Royal Doulton

Limited Edition of only 1,500 Pieces
Hand Made of High quality porcelain.
Size: 6 1/2"W x 3 1/2"D x 5 3/4" Height

Limited to a one year production 2005
Retired.... Do Not Wait To Order!!
Item #13483RD


The Following Items
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Maleficent with Scene

Out Of Stock

Disney understands that you can't have a great story without a great villain. Jim Shore captures compelling evil of Maleficent with a breathtaking scene of the Prince fighting against all odds to rescue Sleeping Beauty.

Introduction: June 2016
Size is: 8.75 in H x 4 in W x 7.625 in L
Material: Stone Resin

Item #4055439E


Maleficent Couture de Force

Out Of Stock

Disney Couture de Force is a stunning collection inspired by Disney's reigning princesses and vampy villains embelleshed in haute couture. No detail is overlooked from faux jewels to opalescent paints bring each sculpture to life.

Introduction: January 2013

Material: Stone Resin, Crystals, Faux Gems
Non Musical
Size is: 8.5in H x 4.5in W x 6.75in L

Item #4031540E


Auora White Woodland
Click on Image to Enlarge
Back View
Auora White Woodland back view
Click on Image to Enlarge
Aurora White Woodland
Waltz through the woods with this graceful beauty designed by Jim Shore! When Aurora confides in her forest friends about her dream, a handsome stranger overhears her song. Relive her fateful encounter with this mesmerizing White Woodland piece.
  • Introduction: June 2018
  • "Playful Pantomime" from the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore collection
  • Stone resin figurine combines classic Disney characters with folk art designs
  • Captures Aurora as Briar Rose with her woodland friends from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" in beautiful hand-painted detail
  • Jim Shore’s unmistakable style combines a diverse color palette with designs inspired by folk art forms of quilting, rosemaling and tole painting.
  • Materials: Stone Resin
  • Size is:  10 in H x 4.5 in W x 5.5 in L
Item 6002337E


Maleficent Dragon Couture de Force
Click on Image to Enlarge
Maleficent Dragon Couture de Force side view
Click on Image to Enlarge
Maleficent Dragon Couture de Force front view
Click on Image to Enlarge
Maleficent Dragon Figurine - Couture de Force
As one of the most powerful villains in Disney history, here is Maleficent in her iconic dragon form. The power of her fire breathing flame is strong enough to defeat the Shield of Virtue and will undoubtedly knock you off your feet. Enjoy Maleficent in her fierce, fire-breathing dragon form in this 60th Anniversary tribute piece for this iconic film
  • Introduction: January 2019
  • Maleficent Dragon figurine from the Disney Showcase Collection
  • 60th Anniversary tribute piece for this iconic film
  • Materials: Hand-crafted and painted from high-quality stone resin
  • Size is: 7.95 in H x 7.09 in W x 8.27 in L
Item #6002183E




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