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Peaunuts Gang

65 years after the debut in seven newspapers on Oct 2, 1950,
PEANUTS appears in over 2,600 newspapers worldwide and Charles M. Schulz
has become a household name.  The Peanuts gang offers a universal appeal to all ages.

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Peanuts Christmas

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Snoopy With Love Balloon
Fall in love with this darling Snoopy and Woodstock piece! Designed by Jim Shore, Snoopy admires his balloons spelling out LOVE, while Woodstock happily perches within. This lovely piece makes a sweet gift for your loved one on any day of the year.
  • Introduction: June 2018
  • "Love is in the Air" from the Peanuts by Jim Shore collection
  • Material: Stone Resin
  • Size is:  7.5 in H x 3.75 in W x 2.13 in L
  • UPC Code 045544973175
Item #6001291E

Snoopy Woodstock in Pumpkin
Behold, Snoopy the Pumpkin King! The handcrafted design is carved with a jack-o-lantern face. Snoopy sits inside with Woodstock on his head. Accurate details handcrafted in high-quality stone resin
  • Introduction: January 2018
  • “The Pumpkin King” figurine from the Peanuts by Jim Shore line
  • Material:  Stone Resin
  • Size is:  7.01 in H x 4.13 in W x 5.71 in L
  • UPC Code 045544960595
Item #6000981E

Charlie Brown/Snoopy in Leaves
Charlie Brown looks dismayed as Snoopy jumps into into a pile of freshly raked leaves that Charlie worked so hard on.
  • Introduction: January 2019
  • "Jumping Into Fall" Figurine by Jim Shore
  • 6.75 in H x 3.5 in W x 7.25 in L
  • Material: Polyresin, Calcium Carbonate
  • UPC Code 028399138609
Item 6002773E

Charlie Brown & Lucy Halloween
"I Got A Rock"
Charlie Brown and Lucy are Trick-or-Treating and compare their latest additions to their bags "I Got a Rock"
  • Introduction: January 2019
  • "I Got A Rock" Figurine
  • Size is: 6 in H x 3.25 in W x 5.5 in L
  • Material: Polyresin, Calcium Carbonate
  • UPC Code 028399138623
Item #6002775E

Snoopy Vampire Mini Fig
Snoopy is all decked out as a Vampire and ready for Halloween in this miniature piece. The "Mini Size" collection are the smallest, most affordable designs featuring the unique artistry of Jim Shore.
  • Introduction: January 2019
  • Size is: 2.75 in H x 2.25 in W x 2.75 in L
  • Material: Polyresin, Calcium Carbonate
  • UPC Code 028399138630
Item #6002776E

Peanuts Comics Happy Dance

Charlie Brown and his friends from the comic strip Peanuts celebrate another great day with the "Happy Dance" in this colorful creation from folk artist Jim Shore. Wonderfully done in 3 dimensions.

Introduction: May 2016
Size is: 6.25 in H x 2.3 in W x 6.625 in L
Material: Stone Resin Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Item #4054078E

Friendship Charlie Brown
Snoopy and Woodstock Day at the Beach

A great campanionship piece featuring Charlie Brown and his beloved pet beagle, Snoopy. Designed by Jim Shore

Name: Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Title: Life is Better with a Dog
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 6" H x 2 1/4"W x 3 3/4" L
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Snoopy and Woodstock share a relaxing day at the beach in this whimsical summery design featuring the beloved Peanuts characters and the handcrafted artistry that is unmistakably Jim Shore.

Introduction: June 2015
Size is: 6" H x 6" W x 4 3/4"L
Material: Stone Resin

Item #4042387E
Item #4049415E

peppermint patty and marcie music box
Click on Image to Enlarge
Best Friends Wastebasket
School Days Musical Figurine

Great Peanuts waste basket with Charlie Brown relaxing and Snoopy cuddling on his lap. Done in the classic yellow and black, it is made of sturdy tin and perfect for any room.

Size is: 10"H
Material: Tin
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Sitting in school at their desks, Peppermint Patty turns around from her desk to talk to her best friend Marcie. The base of the musical is done like a green chalk board with things written on it and the Peanuts name written in yellow.

Plays: "School Days
Size is: 4 3/4"H x 4 1/8" W
Resin Cast
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Item #24433W
Item #20732W

Snoopy with Woodstocks
Snoopy in Pumpkin Globe

Perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day or Birthdays all year round, Snoopy give a big hug to his little flock of feathered friends. A very nurturing piece designed by JIm Shore.

Name: Snoopy and Woodstock
Title: Love is a Beagle Hug
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 7" H x 3 1/4" W x 2 1/2"L
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Adorable mid-sized globe of Snoopy, with Woodstock on his head, and they are inside a Jack-O-Lantern. The base is a scene of the pumpkin patch.

Size is: 3.75"H x 2.75"W x 2.75"D
Size is: 65MM Globe
Material: Resin/Glass/Water/Glitter

Item #4043614E
Item #30209RO

Christmas Peanuts

Peanuts Christmas Storybook
Charlie Brown and the whole “Peanuts” gang welcome Christmas with a classic night of caroling. This handcrafted storybook scene is meticulously sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted with colorful folk art motifs for a festive finish.
  • Introduction: January 2018
  • “Spreading Joy” figurine from the Peanuts by Jim Shore line
  • Size is: 7.5 in H x 3 in W x 8.5 in L
  • Material: Stone Resin
  • UPC Code 045544961431
Item #6000983E

Snoopy Christmas Train
All aboard the Peanuts Christmas train! Snoopy mans the engine, chugging along with the wind at his back, while Woodstock does his best reindeer impression. Handcrafted and hand-painted in exquisite detail, this is a timeless keepsake.
  • Introduction: January 2018
  • “All Aboard” figurine from the Peanuts by Jim Shore line
  • Material: Stone Resin
  • Size is:  4.65 in H x 2.87 in W x 6.5 in L
  • UPC Code 045544960267
Item #6000987E

Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Christmas Tree Globe
Snoopy on Snowball
Lighted Decoration
Charlie Brown and Snoopy decorate their sparce little tree, while Woodstock looks on. The base of the globe has sculpting of Charlie and Snoopy in a snowy scene with trees and Snoopy's doghouse.

Tune: "O Christmas Tree
Size is: 5.25" H
Material: Stone Resin and Glass

This is a great table decoration for any Peanuts fan! LED lights change color in the glitter covered snowball that Snoopy is laying on with Woodstock perched on his tummy.

Size is: 4.25"H 2.5"W 2.5"D
Material: Resin/ Foam /LED Lights Change Colors
Battery Operated/Batteries Not Included

Item #31011R
Item #31021RO

Snoopy Snowball Dancing



Snoopy and Charlie Brown go for a ride in a colorful red sled full of presents. Both are dressed in real knit scarves and stocking hats. Handcrafted with meticulous detailing. The Clothtique fabrics bring a unique realism to each design.

Size is: 8 in H x 6.5 in W x 4.5 in L
Material: Cotton/Poly Blend, Plastic, Resin, Fake Fur
Introduction: January 2011
Retirement December 2011
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Charlie Brown puches a huge snowball as Snoopy dances on top of it. This snowball figure is crafted with great attention to detail and will add cheer to your holiday décor.

Introduction: January 2016
Size is: 3.75 in H x 2.5 in W x 3.75 in L
Material: Polyresin, Plastic
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Item #4023513E
Item #4051745E

The Perfect Tree
Lucy Docter Is In

Charlie Brown and Snoopy take a forgotten misfit tree and adopt it for Christmas and shows us all, the true meaning of Christmas. From the Wonderful world of Charles Schultz and handcrafted to the delight of Peanuts fans everywhere

Introduction: January 2011
Size is: 2.76 in H x 2.76 in W x 2.76 in L
Material: Sisal, Polyresin, Metal Wire

Lucy is available to help with those Christmas Blues for only $.05. Woodstock sits in a tree nearby, with his Christmas stocking, hoping to get some pointers.

Introduction: January 2011
Size is: 4.1 in H x 2.4 in W x 4.1 in L
Material: Paper, Sisal, Polyresin, Metal Wire, Plastic

Item #809413E
Item #809005E

Charlie Brown Decorates the Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown smiles as he places a Christmas bulb on his small barren tree. Snoopy, in his Santa hat, sits dutifully watching along with Woodstock. The base is 2 dimensional carvings of the Peanuts gang playing in the snow. The top rotates as the music plays.

Plays: Deck The Halls
Material: Polyresin/ Metal/Resin
Size is: 7" H X 4 1/4" W
Animation: Scene Rotates

Item #38345RO

Campfire Buddies

Woodstock has brought many of his feathery friends to join Snoopy around the campfire. With marshmallow sticks in hand, there will be singing around the campfire tonight. The hand painting and detail is the best!

Introduction: January 2015
Size is: 2 in H x 2.5 in W x 3 in L
Material: Glitter, Polyresin, Metal Wire, Plastic

Item #4047194E

Peanuts "Reindeer Games"

Everybody wants to help Charlie Brown delivery gifts like he is Santa. Snoopy and Woodstock each agree to put on reindeer antlers to help out and have some fun at reindeer games.

Introduced 2015
Size is: 5.25 in H x 4 in W x 6 in L
Material: Clothtique / Resin
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Item #4046606E

Happy Holiday's Snoopy & Wooodstock
Snoopy, Santa's Helper, sits with Woodstock and is trying Woodstock's hat on him for sizing. Coordinates with any building in the Peanuts Collection.
  • Introduction: January 2011
  • Village Figures
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Size is:  1.4 in H x 1.77 in W x 2.2 in L
  • UPC Code 045544338134
Item #809414E

Snoopy Kissing Lucy under Mistletoe
Snoopy Doghouse Lighted Star

Snoopy and Woodstock are full of mischief in this kissed-by-a-dog scene combining the iconic characters fromthe beloved comic strip Peanuts with the artistry of Jim Shore.

Introduction: January 2016
Size is: 6 1/4" H x 2" W x 4 1/2" L
Material: Stone Resin

Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Woodstock decorates his friend Snoopy in this delightful scene combining the beloved characters of Charles Schultz's Peanuts with the unique folk art style that is unmistakably Jim Shore. The star lights up. Unique variations to be expected; hand painted. Battery Included

Introduction: January 2016
Size is: 7" H x 3 1/2" W x 4" L
Material: Stone Resin
Lights Up, Battery Included
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Item #4052720E
Item #4052719E

Lenox Logo
These beautiful Lenox Classics Figurines are hand painted fine ivory china.
Each one is adorned with 24 karat gold accents.


PEANUTS® Birthday Party Figurine Set
The PEANUTS 6-piece Birthday Party Figurine Set shows CHARLIE BROWN, LUCY, LINUS, SALLY, SCHROEDER, SNOOPY" and WOODSTOCK ready to help you celebrate your birthday. All masterfully crafted in ivory china, this adorable figurine set is meticulously hand-painted and accented with gold. Makes a great gift for the whole family.
  • Crafted of hand-painted ivory china, accented with gold
  • Under license by Peanuts Worldwide, which has reviewed this product for quality and authenticity.
  • Height of tallest: 5"
  • © 2014 Peanuts Worldwide LLC.
Item #847857L

Snoopy's Cocoa Stand
Out Of Stock
Snoopy is such an industrious dog! Now he's opened a hot cocoa stand. Woodstock flies in to help and, of course, the cocoa is 5 cents a mug! The piece is made of resin and is carefully hand painted.
  • Introduction: January 2016
  • Village Figures
  • Materials: Metal, Glitter, Nylon, Polyresin, Plastic
  • Size is: 4.13 in H x 3.23 in W x 3.74 in L
  • UPC Code 045544864954
Item #4053055E


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