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Grandmother - You Are The Love
Musical Water Globe
Sisters are Flowers in the Garden of Life
Musical Water Globe
Beautifully detailed and hand painted, this water globe has an angel inside, holding a heart and a rose in her hair. The inscription on the silver and ivory colored base reads: "Grandmother You are the love in our family and a blessing in life".  Comes packaged in an attractive gift box. Original designs creatively developed in Upstate, NY

Plays: My Favorite Things Listen to Tune
Material: Polyresin, Glass and Water
Measures - 4 L  x 4 W  x 5.5 H  x 4 D
Globe size: 100MM

Contemporary designed water globe with an angel in a lace dress inside, holding a bouquet of white flowers. The gray base has artistically designed white flowers and black beaded trim and has the inscription "Sisters are Flowers in the Garden of Life". Comes packaged in an attractive gift box. Original designs creatively developed in Upstate, NY

Plays: You Light Up My Life Listen to Tune
Material: Polyresin, Glass, and Water
Measures - 4 L  x 4 W  x 5.5 H  x 4 D
Globe size: 100MM

Item #82337P
 Item #88067P


"Nanas Always Know" Angel Figurine
"Home" Angel Globe

Inscription: "Nanas Always Know How to Make You Smile"

Holding a small bouquet of stylized flowers in her hand, this angel has a soft smile. Her dress is shades of ivory with lace designs and an inscription on the front . Her wings are artistic with swirls and a few rhinestones.

Size is: 7 1/2" H x 4 1/2" W x 2" D
Material: Resin

A Mother makes a house a Home. This is so true and depicted in this sweet angel globe, done in soft beige, rust and silver tones. Inside the water globe is a beautiful angel and the base is carved with leaves and vines and has an inscription.

Inscription: Home is where the Memories are made
Music Memory Listen to Tune
Size is: 5 3/4"H x 4 1/4" W
Size is: 100mm Musical Water Globe
Material: Resin, Glass, Water and Glitter

Item #88121P
Item #82179P


young angel with deer music box
Young Angel with Deer
Young Angel with Harp

This beautiful porcelain musical figuine depicts a young angel, dressed in pink, tenderly hugging a young deer. There are delicate hand rolled porcelain flowers around the neck of the deer and around the base.

  • Tune: You've Got A Friend Listen to Tune
  • Size: 4 1/2"W x 3 7/8"D x 5" H

Soft and serene, this young angel, dressed in blue, sits peacefully on a cloud, strumming her harp. Delicate hand rolled porcelain flowers are around her on the base and one in her hair. Her harp is in the shape of a heart and has a small crystal in the middle.

  • Tune: "Always In My Heart"
  • Size: 4 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D x 5 1/8" H
Item # 10373SU
Item # 10372SU


Angel-Gretchen-Mothers Embrace
Angel with Child

Angel Gretchen holds a baby in her lap in a rocking chair with a teddy bear at her feet.

Seraphim Classics... Numbered Limited Edition of 5000 pieces
Introduced in 2007
Size is: 6.5"H 4.75"W 5"L
Material: Stone / Resin Mix

Beautiful angel carrying a young child in her arms and a bouquet of flowers.

Size is: 10.83"H x 7.87"W x 6.30"L
Material: Resin/Stone Mix

Item #78892R
Item #43067R


Sophia - 1st Communion Seraphim Angel
Ruth, Seraphim Angel with Scroll
"The Good News"
Sale Price $125.00

Beautiful Seraphim Angel Sophia watches over a young girl as she takes her first Communion.

Seraphim Classics... Numbered Limited Edition of 2000 pieces
Introduced in 2011
Size is: 7.75"H x 5.00"W x 5.00"L
Material: Resin/Stone Mix

Extra large Seraphim Angel Ruth, holding a scroll.
Written on the scroll is:
"Faith Is The Word, Love Is The Message."

Seraphim Classics... Numbered Limited Edition of 1000 pieces
Introduced in 2009
Size is: 12.5"H 6.25"W 9"L
Material: Resin/Stone Mix

Item #72174R
Item #71387R

Click on Image to Enlarge
Dandelion Moon
LED Angel Praying

Beautiful angel sitting on a cresent moon, holding a flower with a jar of flowers by her feet. Her dress is done in soft green and she has a dandelion flower in her blonde hair.

Rachael Tallamy Angel Series
Material: Resin Cast
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Size is: 12.5"H 5.25"W 3.25"D
Material: Acrylic / Frosted Lower Dress
LED Lights - Multiple Colors - Batteries Included

Item #AART98012
Item #31475R

Angel Rose

This beautiful angel/fairy is done in soft colors of beige and mauve, with her dress swirling around her feet.. In her long dark hair are two rose flowers.

Approx 6" tall 
Material: Resin Cast
Retired...Do not Wait To Order!

Beautiful dark angel with her full length wings gently wrapped around her, covering her ankles. She's looking down serenly at a rose in her lace gloved hand.

Size: 9" H x 3 1/2" D
Material: Polystone

Item #VA95011JG
Item #75050AA

Spirit Guide

This glorious angel has incredibly large wings that are majestically reaching up to the sky behind her. Her simple, long white dress flows behind her. She has long brown hair and is looking over her right shoulder, with a key on a chain, dangling from her hand.

Size: 9 1/2" H x 4" W x 6" D
Material: Polystone

Item #75869AA


Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Angel
Click on Image to Enlarge
Prayer for the Fallen

This beautiful angel, done in light grey fading into black, is on her knees praying, with her huge wings wrapped around her. A soft and serene look on her face as she prays for the fallen. A single dark rose is on the stone ground in front of her.

Size: 8 1/2" H x 6" W x 5" D
Material: Polystone

Item #75257AA


Blessing wood box
Blessing - Wood Box

Wooden box with tile top - Blessing.
Size: 5 x 5 x 2 3/4 " H
Material: Wood and Tile

Item #ASB-32EV


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