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Ballet & Dance

Music Boxes, Figurines and Jewelry Boxes For Ballet

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Ballet Box with Ballerina on Top

This is a perfect gift for the dancer in your life. This small box is decorated in grey, soft pinks and blue. The grey lid has several dance terms written in white and a ballerina silhouette in the middle with a real pink mesh tutu.

Size is: 4"H X 4"W
Material: Medium Density Fiberboard? Ribbon
UPC: 089945584431

Item #10928R

Ballerina Glitter Dome with Polka Dots
Small Ballerina Glitter Dome

$29.95 Out Of Stock

Inside this water globe, a young ballerina takes a bow in her pink tutu with her arms out to the sides.The base of the globe is done in a very soft pink with large pink polka dots alll around.

Musical Tune: "Swan Lake " 18 Note movement
Dimensions:4"W x 5.75"H
Globe Size is: 100MM Globe
Inside the small water globe is a young ballerina in her pink tutu, sitting and tying her toe shoes. The base is white porcelain with soft pink stripes and pink stars all around.

Music: "Fur Elise" Listen to Tune
Dimensions: 3"W 4.5"H
Globe Size is: 65MM Globe
Materials: Resin/Glass/Water/Porcelain base
Item #63053RO
Item # 63091RO

Ballerina Water globe
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Ballerina Water Globe

The classic dancer's globe, featuring a ballerina inside the globe that rotates when the music plays. The base is done in a soft pink with roses and gold filigree style accents and inside the designs are ballet slippers.

Tune: :Swan Lake" 18 note movement. 
Size is: 5.5"H and 100MM Globe
Material: Resin / Glass / Water
Motion: Rotates Inside SF

Item # 42327

Ballet Slipper Ornament

These tiny ballet slippers are a perfect gift for anyone who loves ballet. Makes a beautiful Christmas tree ornament, room decoration, or even better, put them on the outside of a gift package as the bow.

Size is: 2 3/4" H x 2"W (size does not include ribbon to display)
Material: Stone Resin

Item #65418RO

mini Blonde ballerina globe
mini Brunette  ballerina globe
mini Redhead ballerina globe
Mini Blonde Ballerina Globe
Mini Brunette Ballerina Globe
Mini Redhead Ballerina Globe
Out Of Stock

Out Of Stock
Precious miniature water globe with a blonde ballerina girl sitting inside. Precious miniature water globe with a brunette ballerina girl sitting inside. Precious miniature water globe with a redheaded ballerina girl sitting inside.
Item #G063-PP1
Item #G063-PP2
Item #G063-PP3

Ballerina Jewelry Box
Ballerina Jewelry Box

A jewelry box adorned with bows and roses, this music box has a rotating ballerina inside and featuring ring and watch compartments with pull out drawer. Tune: "Dance Ballerina Dance"

  • Plays "Dance Ballerina Dance"
  • Size is: 6" W x 4" H
  • Material: Pressboard./Paper/Metal
Item #16908


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Ballerina Hinged Box

Beautiful round trinket box. Ballet slippers adorn the top of the box, surrounded by pink resin beads, bows and roses. When you open the trinket box, a pair of pink ballet slippers pop up and rotate as the music plays. Inside the lid, under glass, is the silhouette of a dancer. Exquisite detail.

  • Plays "Moonlight Sonata"  18 Note movement.  Listen to Tune
  • Size is: 4"H 4"Diameter
Item #48695


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Ballerina and Bows Rotating Figurine
Ballerina and Bows Figurine with Mirror

Lovely rotating young ballerina figurine, featuring beautiful flowers and bows. Done in soft pinks, with white resin beads.

  • Tune: "Dance Ballerina Dance" 18 note movement
  • Size is: 7.25"H
  • Resin Cast SF

This beautiful young ballerina figurine twirls in front of a mirror, with classic details of roses, ribbons and pearls all around. 

  • Tune: "Swan Lake" 18 note movement. 
  • Size is: 6.5"H
  • Resin Cast and mirror SF
Item # 49296
Item # 49289


Ballerina Wall Plaque
Ballet Wall Plaque

Beautiful large wall plaque of Edgar Degas "The Blue Dancers" done in a stylized vintage look with hints of gold and mounted on sturdy fiberboard, ready to hang.

Non-Musical Plaque
Size is: 15" H
Material: Medium Density Fiberboard/

Contemporary, yet vintage style recreation of Edgar Degas "The Star" ballerina painting. Mounted on sturdy fiberboard and ready to hang.

Non-Musical Wall Plaque
Size is: 15" H
Material: Medium Density Fiberboard
Item #66508R
Item #66790R


The Following Items
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"I Believe In You" Ballerina and Bulldog
Musical Figurine
Out Of Stock

Anything is possible, and you realize that is true when someone unconditionally believes in you. This musical figurine of a darling dancer and her ballerina bulldog shows the duo sharing mutual looks of encouragement. It plays "Swan Lake" and makes a beautiful gift for dancers and all who love them.

Tune: "Swan Lake"
Size is: 4 3/4" H x 3 7/8" W
Material: Resin

Item #144106PM

Beautiful Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
Out Of Stock

Soft pink colors accentuate this Ballet inspired jewelry box. The lid has silhouettes of three different classic ballet poses. Ballet slippers on the front and the words "Beautiful Ballerina" above the 4 drawers. Inside the box is a twirling ballerina in front of a mirror and more storage space inside the box below her.

Plays: "Over the Waves"
Size is: 7.5" H x 4.7" W x 5.8"D
Material: Wood/Paper

Item #MJB4030P-PP



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