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Seahorse with Shells
Pint Sized Tropical Fish

Beautifully handcrafted in incredible detail; Jim Shores colorful Seahorse with Co ral Base captures the delicate beauty of the this unique denizen of the deep.

Introduction: September 2015
Size is:  5.875 in H x 2 in W x 2.75 in L
Materials: Stone Resin

This charming school of tropical fish is colorfully decorated with the unique combination of quilt patterning and folk art designs that is unmistakably Jim Shore. 

Introduction: September 2015
Size is: 4.5 in H x 1.875 in W x 4.5 in L
Materials: Stone Resin

Item #4052063E
Item #4052064E


Summer Mermaid Musical Carousel

This adorable, brightly colored carousel has 3 mermaids sitting on rocks underneath the canopy that is adorned with sea horses and clown fish. The canopy and the mermaids rotate around as the music plays. The carousel winds from the top, so even little hands can wind it up without the fear of dropping it.

Plays: "Under The Sea"Size is: 6 3/4"H x 4 1/4"W
Material: Resin Cast

Item #SWA729-PP


mini blond mermaid globe
mini Brunette mermaid globe
mini redheaded mermaid globe
Blonde Mini Mermaid Globe
Brunette Mini Mermaid Globe
Redhead Mini Mermaid Globe
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Precious little miniature waterglobe with glitter and a blonde mermaid inside. Precious little miniature waterglobe with glitter and a brunette mermaid inside. Precious little miniature waterglobe with glitter and a red headed mermaid inside.
Item #G062-PP1
Item #G062-PP2
Item #G062-PP3


Extra Large Mermaid Figurine
Extra Large Mermaid
Mermaid Globe

Extra Large and very beautiful Mermaid figurine. She stands a huge 16 3/4" high. Hand painted and very detailed. Any mermaid fan would love to have this beautiful figurine.

Size: 16 3/4 " H
Material: Cold Cast Resin

Inside this water globe is a serene mermaid, sitting on a beautiful conche shell, with the waves lapping around the bottom. The base of the globe is a contemporary black square.

Size is: L:4" x W:4" x H:4.5"
Material: Cold cast resin and glass.

Item # WFU-83EV
Item #8682Y

Sheila Wolk logo
Mermaid Hundred Tears
Mermaid Celestial Waters
Out Of Stock
This beautiful and softly introspective mermaid by Sheila Wolk, has her arms crossed and hands on her shoulders. Her head bowed and eyes closed. A crown of beautifully detailed sea shells adorns her head. She is partially submerged in a pond of lily pads with a frog and Koi fish looking at her.

Size is: 5 1/2"H x 5"W x 5"D
Material: Hand Painted Resin

This amazing sculpture by Sheila Wolk, has a mermaid curled inside a sculpted Abolone Shell, with her eyes closed, peacefully dreaming. The Abolone shell is complete with irridescendant colors that make the shell look real with small fish and a star fish around the out side of the shell. The base of the sculpture is blue waves from the sea.

Size is: 7" x 5 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Material: Hand Painted Resin
Item #10178PT
Item #10180PT


Christian Lassen Photo

About Christian Riese Lassen, Artist

Artist Christian Riese Lassen has been recognized the world over for more than 20 years for his unique art and vision. Regarded as the premier marine artist of our time, his majestic paintings inspire appreciation and awareness of Mother Earth. Raised on the island of Maui, the self taught artist and avid surfer found his original influence in nature and from the ocean and has translated this intimate knowledge into enchanting and popular works of art that have brought us closer to marine life than ever before.


Click On Photo To Enlarge
Clown Fish Globe
"Beachcomber" Medium size Globe

Out Of Stock

A trio of clown fish frolick around their sea anemone home. The glass base features a stunning blue ocean scene that beautifully complements these bright orange creatures.

Dimension: 100mm
Function: music, rotates, blowing glitter
Tune Name: "Playmates"
This adorable medium sized globe is done in soft pastel colors. Inside the globe is a pelican standing on the sand and a beautiful pink flower by its' feet. The base of the globe is a beach scene with sand, sea shells, the ocean and a setting sun in the sky.

Size is: 3 3/4"H x 2 7/8" W
65mm Water Globe
Item Number: 1501006TW
Item #21414W

Siren's Lament - Wood Box
Out Of Stock

Sirens lament-Black wooden box with a tile top. Famous artist Anne Stokes has perfectly captured the mood of this not so typical mermaid.

Size: 5 x 5 x 2 3/4 " H
Material: Wood and Tile

Item #ASB-14EV


Click On Photo To Enlarge
Playful Orcas
Lighthouse Tile Base Globe
Out Of Stock

Out Of Stock

Inside the water globe, a pair of killer whales dance through the open waves. The graphic underwater ocean scene on the base complements this beautiful piece.

Dimension: 100mm
Function: music, rotates
Tune Name: Over the Waves

Inside this water globe is a classic lighthouse.The lighthouse rotates inside the water globe as the music plays. The porcelain, scenic base, has depicted 4 different types of historic clipper ships in the ocean waves in decorative oval frames.

Plays: "Over The Waves "
Dimension: 100mm globe with glitter
Material: Glass/Water/Porcelain/Resin
Item #1501205TW
Item #1501207TW

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