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Lord of the rings Logo

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Aragorn Cookie Jar

Aragorn, The King, depicted in this large cookie jar, is shown in his Gondor uniform with his sword in front of his chest.

  • 10.5" H
  • Porcelain R
Item # 25323W

Gandalf Globe
Aragorn Globe

Gandolf the White stands majestically inside this water glob. he holds his staff and his robes are blowin gntly in the wind. The intricate Elfan desgined base Lights Up.

  • Non-Musical
  • 100mm Globe
  • Base Lights Up R

Aragorn, The King, stands inside this water globe with his swordheld infront of his chest and face. The base is gray and carved like the side of a castle turret.

  • Tune is: "Ride of the Valkyries"
  • 100mm GlobeR
Item #25310W
Item #25311W

Legolas In Battle Globe
The Battle Globe

Inside the waterglobe is Legolas taking aim with his bow and arrow drawn in battle. The base of the globe looks like thestone walls of Helms Deep.

  • Non Musical
  • Base Lights Up
  • 100mm Globe R

Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas stand poised for battle inside this water globe. Around the base are the ghosts of the Men of the White Mountains. The ghosts light up.

  • Non-Musical
  • Base Lights Up
  • 100mm R
Item #25312W
Item # 25313W

Mini Gollum Globe
Gollum Cliffside Medium Globe

This miniature water globe has Gollum croutching inside. The base looks like the rocky mountainside.

  • 45mm Water Globe
  • Non-Musical R

This medium sized water globe has gollum croutched. The base is like rocks of a mountainside.

  • 65mm Water Globe
  • Non-Musical R
Item #25308W
Item #25309W

Frodo & Samwise 16 Oz. Travel Mug
Aragorn Travel Mug

Wonderful Travel Mug with Frodo and Samwise and other Lord of the Rings art.

Size is: 7 1/8" H x 3 1/8" W
Size is: 16 Oz. R
This large travel mug has a close up of Legolas ready for battle with his bow stretched and his eyes on the target. Great graphics around the image, including the famous ring.

Size is: 7 1/8" H x 3 1/8" W
Size is: 16 Oz. R

Item # 25302W
Item # 25301W

Kili The Dwarf Tin Tote
Bilbo Baggins Mug
This tin tote from "The Hobbit" features 2 key dwarves in battle, on both sides. It is a perfect way to carry your lunch to school or work.

Size is: 7.5" X 7.5" X 3" R

White coffee mug with a colorful image of Bilbo Baggins as a young man.

  • 16 Oz.
  • 4" H R
Item # 25408W
Item #25404W

Aragorn Tin Tote
Frodo Tin Tote

Large rectangular tin lunch box with an image of Aragorn, as Strider the Ranger.

  • 10" X 7" X 4"
  • Tin R

Large rectangular tin lunch box with an image of Frodo and the Ring.

  • 10" X 7" X 4"
  • Tin R
Item #25305W
Item #25306W

Gandalf Tin Tote
Bilbo Baggins Tin Tote



Large rectangular tin lunch box with and image of Gandolf the White and his staff.

  • 10" X 7" X 4"
  • Tin R

Medium sized tin lunch box with a colorful image of Bilbo Baggins as a young man.

  • 7.5" X 7.5" X 3"
  • Tin R
Item #25307W
Item #25407W


The White Council Wall Clock
Frodo Kiss S&P Shakers

This wooden clock has the images of the main characters from the movie "the Hobbit". Featuring Elrond, Gandolf the Grey, Galadriel, and Saruman. Predominant colors are Gold and Grey.

  • 12" H x 12" W
  • Wood R

Salt and pepper shakers of Galadriel leaning over to kiss Frodo on the top of his head, wishing him luck.

  • 4.5"H
  • Porcelain R
Item #25400W
Item #25321W


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