Swan Elite Disk Player


Absolutely stunning disk music box. The Italian made music box case has magnificent delicate marquetry inlay of pastoral scenes and musical instruments. It has a graceful Bombay shape, to add to the beauty.The Swan Elite II plays 12 1/4″ disks and with dual combs. The 54 teeth of each comb provide the music box with its distinctive sweet voice and full range of four octaves. Powered by a spring wound motor, it will play for up to 15 minutes with every winding. 
**The convenience of an electric motor is available.
**Cabinet Sold Separately

Cabinet: Hand made in Sorrento Italy
Musical Mechanism and Disks: Made in Vermont, USA
Material: Hand Inlaid Wood/ Copper/ Metal
Size is: 18 1/8″ Wide x 17 5/8″ Deep x 9 3/4″ High
Ship Weight: Approximately 50 lbs.
**Allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery

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