Church – Arched Swirl Lantern


This beautiful piece is a carved scene of a church set in a scene of trees, hills and a horse drawn sleigh coming towards it. There are two sides, both with designs visible through the water interior, so it has depth. The inside is lit up by LED Lights, showcasing the beautiful scenes on the outside and an automatic blower keeps the glitter swirling inside. This large piece is arched with trees all along the top. Behind the trees are flicker light bulbs to add more beauty to it. The entire piece is done in white with glitter that gives it the snow covered effect. You will fall in love with this unusual piece.

Size is:  12.5″ W X 9″ H
Material: Plastic / Water / Metal / LED Lights / Light Bulbs
Power: 3 AA Batteries – Not Included
Illumination: LED Lights Inside / Flicker Light Bulbs Outside
Animation: Automatic Glitter Blower

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