Dr Frankenollie Mad Monkey figurine


Mickey is a monstrous mess, thanks to the manic meddling of a mad scientist named Dr. Frankenollie.
While looking to earn money for a trip to Hawaii, Mickey takes a few hours of ‘mindless work’, never expecting to have his brain switched into the body of a destructive monster named Julius and vice versa..
Mickey was the companion piece for this scene, made in 2011. He is no longer available. But if you have him, you should get Dr Frankenollie… or just get the Mad Monkey because he is super cool.
Only 750 Pieces ever made of Dr Frankenollie!

  • Produced: 2009
  • Character: Dr. Frankenollie
  • Title: Mad Monkey
  • Size: 7-3/4″ Tall
  • Material: Fine Porcelain
  • Sculptor: Dusty Horner
  • Production Changes: None
  • Plussing:
    • Computer Buttons (7): Resin
    • Computer Button (1): Pewter
    • Tube: Rubber
  • Particulars:
    • Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750

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