It’s a Small World – Mexico figurine


The Small World figurines by Disney Classics were sculpted from the characters of the Disneyland Parks’ ride “Small World”. Shown here is Mexico. Made of Hand Painted Porcelain. Retired in 10/2009

Size is: 6-3/4” (Boy);
Size is: 7” (Spinning Sun Wheel)
Material: Hand Painted Porcelain
Production Changes: None

  • The Spinning Sun Wheel actually spins. The Wheel is designed in two parts. The front “face” is locked in place so it does not spin (that way, the face is always right side up). But the “rays” behind the face are on an axel so they can spin.


  • Includes resin Spinning Sun Wheel backdrop/accessory.
  • The doll-like children are composed of porcelain and the accessory items are composed of resin. Both the child sculpture and the accessory will be packed together in one gift box.
  • For the introductions of the Disney’s “it’s a small world” after all sculptures, all new packaging has been designed featuring artwork reminiscent of the original attraction and new Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Sculpture bears “Disney’s it’s a small world after all” logo.
  • The Mexico Doll has an incised production mark vs. the blue decal, wheras the Sun Wheel accessory item has the blue decal.  The blue decal vs. being incised is used when the base is too small for an imprinted mark. WDAC will continue to use both types of production marks depending on the requirements of each piece. 
  • Mexico is packaged with 2 Certificates of Authenticity (COA), one for the Mexican Boy and one for the Sun Wheel
  • Retired. Don’t wait to Order

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