Mummified Mel Monster Cracker Ornament


Add some mystery to your Christmas tree with Mummified Mel, the only Monster Cracker that’s always wrapped and ready for your Christmas morning!

Abracadabra! I’m Mummified Mel, the master of magic and ancient mysteries, You’ll be amazed by all the tricks I perform, but don’t ask me to reveal my secrets, I keep those under wraps. Life is full of magic and wonder, so enjoy the show!

Mummified Mel is a proud ally for his LGBTQIA+ friends. Mummified Mel is naturally curious and easily excited by all the wonders around him. Sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming. Performing magic tricks helps Mummified Mel manage his overstimulation issues by giving him something he loves to focus on and master. Mummified Mel helps us remember how to use our head without getting lost in it.

Size is:  4 3/4″ H x 3″ W x 3″ D
Material: Wood
Handpainted – Expect Variations

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