Snowman Swirl Lantern with Deer


Snowman Swirl Lantern with Deer. This adorable large Snowman is wearing a hat and scarf. He is smiling as he holds up his wrapped gifts. Inside the belly of the Snowman is a large Snow Globe with trees, deer and Cardinals. The LED Lights inside brightly light up the globe and Snowman. Inside the globe is a blower to keep the glitter swirling. He is large and beautiful and will be a very special centerpiece for your holidays.

  • Size is: 12.5″ X 8.20″L X 4.10″ W
  • Material: Plastic / Liquid / Glitter / LED Lights / Metal
  • Power: Electric USB Power Cord – Included
  • Alternate Power: 3 AA Batteries – Not Included
  • Animation: Automatic Glitter Swirl
  • Illumination: LED Lights Inside
  • Non-Musical

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